Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey, kids it's me again. So, I wasn't able to do my 2nd post last week, but, hey, that just means that I'll write three this week, and I love writing, so that won't be a problem.

The first few days/weeks have been good--stocking up on healthy fruits and snacks and detoxing teas. Yesterday was tough, though. I wanted meat; I've been told that I don't consider a meal a true meal until it has a small morsel of meat in it as the main dish. Saturday we went to the store for groceries, not knowing really what to get. Near the end, the cart was full; I looked down and thought, "Umm so we have snacks, fruits and water. What in the world are we going to eat this week?!" I don't care if it's meat, if it's pasta or tofu, (well tofu is a little far) but I know there are side dishes and there is the main meal. We had no main meals. After talking about soups and sliced turkey, etc. I calmed down. :)

I have had some pretty yummy snacks since this whole dieting thing started. Fiber Plus bars are GRRRRREEAT, especially the Chocolate Caramel Coconut ones; they taste just like Macaroons:). There are others that are yummy as well. Special K has some good stuff out there. For cereal I would avoid the fake, gritty chocolate/flakes one, but the yogurt/flakes are yummy.  Meal and snack bars are yummy. Special K protein water is also a good idea; I've tried the strawberry and pink lemonade.

We did discover a new snack this weekend, and you can have 23 of them! Kroger/Payless just came out with "Pop Chips." Chip-sized goodness that look like miniature rice cakes, but they are "popped" chips--no frying, no baking. They are nothing like rice cakes though (a good thing.) You can have 23 chips and not kill your calorie intake for the snack. They also satisfy that salty, crunchy craving. I mean, after 23 chips if they don't satisfy it, I doubt anything will. They are also on sale this week, till Thursday--3 for $5; they are regularly 2.99!

I haven't worked out much, except this morning I tried our new video--Jillian M's 30 Day Shred. It was intense, most likely from the lack of not exercising a few weeks. I'm telling you what, after 30 days of this, something better shred off of me.


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