Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am still alive.

As I sit here I wonder if I have learned the art of obtaining a life of balance. My spiritual life? nah, nah, nah. I am still struggling in that area. I would like to say that after I've been to college and many chapel hours I would have everything nicely put together. But it seems just the opposite. I feel as though instead of coming out of college feeling like I am on the road to success I feel as though I am still looking for my niche as I call it. At MBBC I  was surrounded by awesome godly men and women that I bonded with. I spent a whole Summer, which does not sound at all like a long time, at a camp that I had devoted my every waking minute to ministering and working outside myself for the work of God.

After a year of being home I feel schmeh. I feel as though I am not where I should be and I'm doing exactly what I was doing before college; coasting. I want to be doing something totally outside myself, totally not what I've been doing. I want to look at my college experiences and know that everything, and the loads of money, I invested is being used for God's glory. I know it's about patience.

Then the whole working out and eating healthy is another fight for balance in my life. It seems as though heating healthy is going well, not as much eating out, which is good in saving money:). Knowing that exercising is not really being done and of course our Mini- Marathon will be here within days is totally awesome, I mean the fact that I will be walking a whole lotta miles with a friend is pretty much the most amazing thing in my life :) I think knowing we get a "package" is making me excited:)

I can see us preparing for the day of walking off our legs by tieing up our little tennies and packing a 24 pack of that wonderfully, supposedly purified, NATURAL H2O. YES we are ready! We are ready to be fit and walk about, hopefully :), half our body weight:).

Go walkers! woot woot!