Who Am I?

  I'm a unique individual. :) I grew up in a farmer's home and love the outdoors and animals. I graduated from Maranatha Baptist Bible College with a degree in Office Technologies. I dabble in design, crafts, beading, animal grooming, and am currently working at Kroger while I save up some money (like we all should!) and pray for God's will for my future. My heart is in camp ministry (and people!). I've got a great personality with some quirky fun thrown in. :)

I'm on a journey--trying to find balance in my life--spiritually, personally, physically, mentally, emotionally. It's a hard journey with many chances for failure; this I know. But it's a worthy journey, for as I learn to honor God in every area, I find the balance I seek. It's not about finding my inner person; it's about finding my great God. It's only through Him that I can become the person I desire to be!

Thanks for joining me--I hope you'll travel the road to balance--and the road to godliness--with me!