Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hey kids.

   Well, it is almost summer time. The weeks of school are slowly coming to an end and the fun of grilling out and exploring the vast coolness of Indiana is lurking upon us.

   Balance. That is the theme right? Balance in spirituality, health, friends and family? Well I believe where balance lies for me is knowing what I want to do the rest of my life. I have about 3-4 major interests in my life I would consider doing, possibly professionally, or just as a hobby/career type. Each time I mull them over in my head, organizing how to connect each hobby and wanting/trying to make it into a paying career, I think is it really possible? Could I really have 15 areas of professionalism and still make it?

   I have so many loves and interests and yet so little time. I cannot go to college for every interest, although me having a Master's Degree sounds pretty cool right now:) But then comes another question; A Master's in WHAT!?

   So I've listed once, listed a second time, and possibly, just to get it down pat (does anyone use that "down pat" anymore? anyone know what I mean?) a third time what I would like to do in the next 5-10 years.

1. Dive deep into a bible study that just spews forth the word of God to me that makes me feel that I have spiritually arrived :) hehe.(I know no master's lies in that)

2.Dog Grooming- with only 3 months to be certified, and with my love for animals that's a no brainer not to go for that one.

3. Learn how, on a professional level, decorate cakes or even do pastries. My brother is a baker at Geist Bakery and I'm very proud of him, plus it makes me feel cool to know we have a baker in the family, and maybe by some slim chance his coolness will rub off onto me or he will at least me photograph some of his stuff . :) :)

4. With #2 and 3# stated comes the whole open door flooding thoughts with my other adventures and goals.
I would love to do photography. I believe among all the other goals I have that is my fave and natural one. I have not honed down on the eye for it yet but I am learning slowly but surely. I look at photos, much like I do jewelery, and think, hey I want ot do that!

5. With all that said I would like to take more schooling. But when the time is right and the Lord opens the door I will maybe know what I would like to study.

     After I list all those down my brain goes from one to the other wondering and trying conquer how to know more about each area and how to make a living off it, sometimes gives me a headache. It is sort of like me trying to clean house or organize, I find one thing that makes me either stop and look at it or makes me think of something I had to do right away or I will forget it, and then  I forget the original task. :)

     This summer I would like to be more fit, I was pretty proud of us walking the 5K, I was deeply inspired by older men and ladies walking with many more hindrances than what I had. If they could walk a measly 5K I certainly could. But for 3 days in a row the cravings for a Bacon Cheeseburger really killed my streek of eating farely healthy, they tatsted AMAZING though. :)

     So yeah. Knowing what you want to do with your life and what is more important and achievable is part of finding balance. At least that's my profound thought for the day, so go knit it on a pillow or iron it on a t-shirt or whatever you do with profound thoughts these days.

Your deeply profound blogger, Paula