Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello Lovelies

Well for me it's been a while. Once in  a while I have a week of hours to blog and to check in on the world of Facebook then other weeks I won't have any hours. If we had Wifi at our place that would be easier.

Any-who, balance. I hate when I have time and only think of working out and eating right. I hate waking up planning the hours before me and seeing I have 20 minutes to get shredded with Jillian knowing it would be great to begin the week with a workout, but instead I see all the other stuff I can do and equally as important  as working out and that's only one or two of activities.

For me, the problem to finding balance is not having the time, having the place, having equipment, but it's actually doing it. It's seeing that finding balance is a necessity of life. Of course I feel better after I workout, showering and getting ready for the day. It's the having the choice and weighing my options that's the problem. I only worked out twice last week, when I had almost everyday to workout. I didn't eat very healthy, I bathed dogs till 1 then I work 230-10 or whatever and McD's seems to be the only solution. I did have Subway for lunch/dinner a couple of times which made me feel better, but still while my friends in this quest of finding balance for life seem to barely have time to sleep and eat and they would love to workout and eat healthy, I have a few hours and I choose to do stuff that aren't really important. Schmeh.

So yeah I've been struggling lately with that little epiphany. While others suffer with trying to find balance I'm trying to use the time that balance could easily fit in and I don't allow it.

So tonight is party night, where after church me and the girls are going to Starbucks and drinking 350 calorie drinks and to play cards. Woot for us. :)

Happy Single Awareness Day, kids, try to stay dry in the sap filled day.

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