Monday, January 10, 2011

31: A Chance to Change and Live.

Seeing that this is my first entry of our new blog, I might as well let everyone know that I'm uber excited about this accountability and the chance to share with many (or the few who will actually read this) any great news, info, recipes, or anything of that sort dealing with food and health on here. Food, like music, is very much a part of our lives. It comforts us, it gives us a chance to explore, to create something as unique as ourselves...

As I thought over what I would say in my first entry, how could I introduce this blog to those who read it or pass over it, I kept thinking of when I was younger. We would go out to fast food places quite often.  I especially remember times at Wendy's when I would eat whoever's left over fries. Mom would warn me lovingly that I shouldn't and my dad comforted me in saying, "Oh it's ok; she's still young! She has time work it off." That is when something clicked inside, telling me, "Enh, let's shove a couple more burgers down her, and she'll be fine." My parents weren't mean; they were the best they knew how to be. It was my taking what they said and running with it that did the damage. Their words have been echoing in my mind ever since as a comfort of being untouchable by weight, by continuously telling myself that I may be one of those lucky ones with high metabolism. Bwahahaha--if I were I wouldn't be writing this blog, kids.

Over the years weight always came up; I come from a family of big-boned and strong people, who are also unhealthy eaters. Attempts of eating healthier were always bouncing in and out of our lives. I was not, nor will I ever be stick thin. But I know I can be thinner. In high school I seemed to stay at a normal weight, feeling like, "Hey food doesn't affect me; let's chow down, baby."

I'm not sure when it hit me--but only a few years ago, I noticed I could, in fact, gain weight! What a shock! Dad was probably right when he said I could eat anything, but those days had gone, and I didn't work it off.

In college, attempts were there for eating healthy, and working out lasted a few weeks (except that blasted week of exams and no time for extra activities such as sleeping and working out).

No matter how many times the attempts had come, they quickly fleeted out of my life. Recently I realized I just didn't feel well. I felt sluggish: I felt like the food I was eating was literally changing the way my body felt as I ate the food. I dislike the fact that random body aches and problems are coming up. I dislike the fact that I simply cannot eat foods like I used to.

31 is the chance to change it all. I've been seeing attempts of losing weight and getting fit keep flying in and out my whole life. I'm not young; the pounds are not going to just walk off my body for me. I need to realize my whole life is ahead of me, but only if I'm willing to make it a "whole life."

So this is the day, this is the week, this is the year I am getting healthy and getting fit. Knowing what to eat and not eat. Saying no to food I don't have to have and making substitutions. I need to realize that I do not need to have chocolate everyday or be eating whenever I am sitting down just to do something.

 My wonderful mother is now a diabetic, and my wonderful dad passed away of heart problems when I was 18-years-old. If the Lord blesses me with children some day, I do not want them to see what I've seen. Unhealthiness stops here.

~~Paula~~the quirky one.

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